The Best Safe and Secure Web Hosting

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Almost all business websites have to deal with hackers. Hackers can break into your website and leak confidential information to the public. The hackers may not only get information but may also cause disruptions decreasing your revenue. To keep your information safe, you need to make sure your web hosting is secure. The more visitors you have from your website, the more vulnerable it becomes to cybercrimes. You must be cautious while choosing a web hosting service for your business. Some providers do not provide the latest servers and maintenance.
In this article, you will read about the things a secure web hosting service must provide.

What are the features of Secure Web Hosting?
Following are the features that a secure web hosting provider offers.

1. Firewalls
You may know Firewalls is software that protects your data and stops unauthorized users from using it. The web firewall is quite similar. It filters the access requests before they reach the server. It can block requests based on several factors like IP addresses from known offenders.

2. Safety from DDOS
DDOS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. It is an effective act of bringing down the website. What happens is that numerous requests are sent to your website, causing it to crash. DDOS protection detects the DDOS attack and blocks all such requests while allowing the authentic ones to access the web.

3. Uptime
The uptime is the duration in which your website is accessible for the users. A good web host service claims to provide 100% uptime. Uptime is only guaranteed when the website is secure. The low or no downtime will enable your website to maintain the reach.

4. Virus Protection
Online viruses can easily attack your system and decrease its functionality. A sound web hosting system must provide the anti-virus facility to save your data and update it regularly.

5. Spam Protection
Email spam may affect the working of your website. You may miss important emails because of spamming. The anti-spam feature can help you to save storage. This feature immediately blocks spam messages.

6. Secure Monitoring
A website can never be 100% protected from attackers. A safe web hosting service provides security monitoring. This feature constantly watches your data. When it detects any sort of unusual request, access, or activity, it immediately notifies a human.

7. Data Protection from Disasters
Climate disasters, earthquakes, and power loss can affect the security of your website. If you choose an efficient web hosting service, it will provide backup power and security services to protect your data at all costs.

8. Backup
Backing up the data now and then is important to avoid loss of data in case of emergency. Web hosting servers allow the automatic backup of data daily, weekly, or monthly as you required. Usually, regular backup is preferred. You need to make sure how much backup limit based on memory you will need before getting a service.

9. Security Certificate
If you need a website that requires users to enter their private information, you need a security service for it. A web host includes the SSL certificate, which is considered a safe practice to protect sensitive data.

10. Reboot
The reboot feature gives you access to the control panel. You can refresh the server if you see any problem. If the issue persists, you can contact the web host.

11. Domain name
The domain name you pick influences the safety of your website. Domains like .com or .org are most common. The domain makes you available to the public on the internet. You may consider the private domain which most servers provide if you want to keep your data confidential.

To conclude, many unethical systems want to use your website for spamming and ads. To protect your business from fraud, safe and secure web hosting is mandatory.