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File Transfer

Our 8irBox has the ability to transfer any size  file you may have, we have a live meter in place for you to keep track of the amount of server/cloud space you use. Our Userfriendly interface and our comparable  cost allows you the flexibility of transferring any type of flie size.

Cloud Storage

8irbox is designed with features that will help you trace, track and identify all of your documents. We have designed a user friendly platform that will have your files stored in a secure and accessible place.  Our indicators will show you just how much storage you have.

Web Hositng

8irHostingaccess our web hosting services very easily and quickly, you can create a space with our hosting services for your personal or professional use.

Software Development

Our custom solutions are tailormade to fit your specific model.   Security and Confidentiality are the words we live by when designing solutions to suit the ever changing technological environment.

Paperless Solutions

Protecting the environment is pivotal  to our survival.  We will provide your business or personal interests with the ultimate paperless solutions that will utilize the most up to date cloud storage systems that will save you paper whilst protecting our environment.

Web Site Mainteance

Our support staff are available around the clock to help and guide you through any issues you may encounter. What do you do when your website is completed and you have touch up and changes? We  have maintenance packages for you.

Website Bundles

We have created website package for any phase of your business. You can choose any site that would best suit your business model. We will design a site that is robust and functional. All of our packages include 1 year of hosting. Choose a package that best suites you and then let’s work together!

Website W/ Hosting Package I

Basic 3 Page Informational Site


1 Year of Hosting


Website W/ Hosting Package II

5 Page Website


1 Year Hosting


Website W/ Hosting Package III

5 + Website pages


1 year of Hosting


Website Maintenance

What do you do when your website is completed and you have touch up and changes? We have maintenance packages for you. We know have a package just for you, we know how daily business can become hectic. Choose a package and let’s work together.

Website Maintenance I

Security Scans

No Errors on Site

Update Plug Ins

Update Site Information

Run Back ups

Analyze Website Stats

Website Maintenance Plan II

All of the Features in Plan I

Test Popups

Keep Site Current

Write Blogs

Upload Blogs

Remove Spam From Comments

Website Maintenance Plan III

All of the Features in Plan I & II

Upload New Products

Edit Product Description

Remove Products

SEO Postings

Drive Traffic To Site


Let’s work together we are here to serve! Reach out to us to discuss your needs. Starting any business can become challenging and knowing the right steps to take is what we can help you with. We will help you chart your course. Reach out to use today!

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