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The advent of Information Technology has transformed the world into one global ecosystem.

The IT industry has been key in leading the way to innovative, creative processes, techniques and methods that has proliferated the way things are done in every other industry.

One of the fruit of the IT is the cloud computing technology that has significantly assisted in creating more effective and efficient workflows. Not only has IT allowed organizations to streamline their processes, but it also completely changed the way organizations operate through software solutions.

Our mandate is to offer solutions to our customers that will increase their visibility and maximize their business productivity. Our solutions are tailor made to your specific model.  

We pride ourselves in Security and Confidentiality. We ensure that the client data is always safe by using encryption techniques and secure transfers.

Our immense pride lies in the fact that we do not capture any user data with or without user consent through any of our application platforms. We aim to be the most trustworthy software solution provider that ensures user privacy in every step of the business model.  

Our security protocols are encrypted and the data is always transferred with HTTPS, along with a 2 Step Verification. We pride ourselves in not capturing any of our users data, we have to ensure that privacy is who we are and in our business model.


8irBox -A file storing and sharing solution developed by Jia Digital. It is a cloud-based web application that allows a user to upload view, download and share a file. This is a complete end to end solution for storing, accessing and sharing files on the go without worrying about device anywhere. This application also allows you to store your files.

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J8trix -is a price comparison solution. It is a web-based application that allows a user to compare different prices at which an item is being sold by different vendors. This helps in quick and efficient decision making for a business. Our application allows you to determine the best options of item procurement from an array of vendors.

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We have packages that are available for creators of small, medium and large business. If it is for your personal use we have packages for you as well.  We want all of our customers to know that your loyalty is our priority.

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"Infinite Solutions with Infinite Possibilites"

~ Jia Digital