4 Great Reasons Why File Transfer is the New Filing Cabinet

In case you are still using the traditional paper filing methods, it is high time you shift to an electronic filing system. Maybe your office likes to stick to tradition, or maybe your supervisor needs a push in the correct direction. This article will discuss the benefits of using an electronic filing system since it is the new filing cabinet.

Better Security and Compliance
A significant advantage of an electronic filing system is the ability to keep files indexed. This means that each document that becomes a part of the system is categorized and registered based upon specified parameters. For example, the department of human resources can organize each document according to the employee it corresponds to or the type of document it is. There might be an expiration date after which the document might have to be renewed. In this way, you get full access to the information of each employee.

An electronic file system allows the company to implement its standard operating procedures into the system directly. Electronic systems also include additional security features to automate processes. An example might be an automated audit trail running in the background and tracking every action performed in the system. This is a crucial compliance feature for many organizations.

Fast File Retrieval
Since an electronic file system keeps all your documents indexed, retrieval takes no time. If you want to pull up an entire folder for a specific client or employee, you don’t need to go running up to the cabinet. Type the name into the search bar of the system. Instantly, you will have access to the file at your fingertips. The ability to perform a cross-reference search gives true power to this system. For example, if you are looking for performance reviews for all employees, select “Performance Review” as the document type and select the data range. This type of search is potent for reports, audits, etc.

Catastrophe Resistance
In case you are using a paper filing system, what will happen in case of a natural calamity? You have to keep a backup of your files in a secure location with several copies. Electronic systems help keep your data safe in the wake of a disaster due to redundant backups. Your data is automatically backed up to a drive that resides in a remote location far away at the end of each day. This ensures that your data remains safe in case of a disaster.

Cost Reduction
When you switch to an electronic filing system, your organization will need much less paper. This is not only good for the environment but also your budget. Moving your paper-based processes to the digital world will reduce lag time, enhance productivity, and ultimately lower your company’s overall costs. There is no need for ink, paper, filing cabinets, etc. Your filing system will automatically take care of this stuff. With the integration of electronic signatures and online forms, you can go paperless with minimal effort.

The above mentioned are just some of the remarkable benefits that an electronic filing system can bring to your company. To learn more about transitioning to the paperless system, contact us at www.8irbox.com today. We have been helping companies embrace this new technology for many years now. Let us help you in reducing paper and increasing the efficiency of your business.