File Cabinet Vs. Cloud Storage

Why is Digital Storage the way into the Future?

Everyone has to maintain records. At the level of an individual, it means to get the taxation documents, birth certificate, bank statement, etc at one place. For organizations, the scope is extensive. They have to manage customer records, inventory planning sheets, bills payable, and information about products.


In primordial times, filing cabinets were the only solution to contain such a large amount of data. However, considering the present-day enormity at which businesses operate, file cabinets seem pretty inefficient.


Vintage Technology

Filing cabinets are quite an old school technology. The horizontal filing cabinet was invented in 1886, whereas the vertical filing cabinet arrived in 1898.


Until the 1990s, filing cabinets still made sense because storage was quite costly in those days. A simple gigabyte of hard drive storage cost $100. Data was still disposed of in floppy disks with a meagre capacity of 1.44 megabytes.


Failure of a hard drive or floppy disk could cause a collapse of epic proportions. All businesses had to backup data on tape with an off-site backup to be extra sure. Students or individuals were better off just printing the copies of their valuable data.


21st Century Technology

Computers and the internet were quite rampant in the 90s, but they were not yet advanced enough to lead us into a paperless world. Twenty-five years into the future, however, we can now get a four terabyte hard drive for $100 that is 4000 times more space than 1 gigabyte.


Storage on either your computer or in the cloud is cheap. Most organizations can store their entire business data in less than four terabytes of space.


Drive storage and drive storage is incredibly cheap these days. With excellent solution providers such as 8irBox, the possibilities are endless. The redundant backup and support team make it a worthy deal winner to consult.


The Cloud Innovation

Many organizations specialize in storing your data for relatively cheap. This service is known as “the cloud”. These companies keep your data in multiple copies and in various locations to ensure maximum security. Resorting to such a service, you will not have to use your hard drive, let alone any floor space, to store your files.


In the past, a natural calamity generally meant the end of your company. Today, however, organizations can recover data due to safety in the cloud.


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Enhanced Security

When you trust someone with your data, braces of privacy concern are genuine. It is crucial to choose a service provider with an excellent reputation. It is necessary to have a well-versed information technology team. With the correct encryption and proper security measures, your data will be highly safe.

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Rental Space

To store a filing cabinet, we need ample space. Considering the massive volume of data we have to deal with these days, we would need many kilometres of area.


Digital space costs relatively less, and you can use the previously rented rooms for something more productive or even move into a smaller space-saving you lots of money.



Filing cabinets are a thing of the past. To step up into the modern world and embrace new technology is what will make your business survive. Make sure to embrace this new technology rather than staying adamant on old technology.


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