Learning how to Make your File Cabinet Digital in Easy Steps

Considering the emerging technology and use of computers in the modern world, most people prefer the internet to communicate and get their things done.

Whether it is a small business or a huge enterprise, they prefer to keep their data saved in a database or a repository on the internet so that they can access it from anywhere. Here is what the File Sharing concept helps. Let’s discuss what it is and how it works.

What is File Sharing?

File sharing is attempting to make files available to other people for downloading. It could be as innocent as obtaining word docs from your personal computer or accessing information that you generated on your website page. It enables a majority of individuals to use the same file or file with a combination of reading or viewing, writing or modifying, copying, or printing.

Generally, a file-sharing framework has one and sometimes more administrators. Users might well even have the same privilege or multiple kinds of access privileges.

How Can File Sharing Be Done?

File-sharing can indeed be performed using a variety of ways. The most important techniques for collection, delivery, and transfer of files are as follows:

  • Detachable storage device
  • Centralized service hosting server configurations
  • World Wide Web-based hyperlinked documentation
  • Peer-to-peer channels distributed

Follow the steps to connect to a file share server on a network (Windows users):

  1. Navigate to the Start button on the left bottom of your computer.
  2. Press on the button Run
  3. Enter\fileshare and then press OK
  4. Click on the Departmental folder
  5. Click on the Printing Services folder
  6. Click on the Public folder
  7. You may like to put the files in your folder

If you use macOS, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Finder menu (next to the Apple logo on the screen), click on Go in the menu option and pull down to Connect to Server…
  2. The section where it is written “Server Address”, write in smb://fileshare and press on the Connect button
  3. There will be a dialogue box to ask you about the file or folder to be mounted. Click on Departmentaland press on OK. Now it will appear on your desktop.
  4. Click on the Departmental folder
  5. Click on the Printing Services folder
  6. Click on the Public folder
  7. You may like to put the files in your folder
  8. To close the connection from a file share, simply “eject/put away” the certain volume by dragging it towards the trash bin.

What happens when you become part of a file-sharing network?

When users download or enable the use of a file through a file-sharing platform, their computer would now become part of the chain, enabling all people to browse files from such a local device. File sharing is usually unethical, with perhaps the exception of sharing documents that are not patented or proprietary.

Another concern with file-sharing software is the problem of ransomware or adware, where certain file-sharing platforms have placed malicious files on their websites. These spyware applications are also mounted on the machines of users against their permission and knowledge.

Some of the file-sharing applications that you may like:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • 8irBox
  • Microsoft One Drive
  • Slack
  • One Hub
  • Amazon Drive

Create, Upload and Share Your Data Anywhere and Anytime!

Because of the importance of keeping data online, a file share is one of the necessities which is required to send or receive your files to and from someone respectively. There are several file-sharing applications that one can get their hands on and make use of it anytime and anywhere in the world using a computer and an internet connection.