6 Best Practices when you have a security Breach – Cyber Security

A security breach can cause massive damage and can be quite devastating for your business and organization. It is the worst thing that can happen to your company, and you will have to deal with it. Therefore, in this section, we will explain what to do when you have a security breach.

What is a Security Breach?

An incident that can result in unauthorized access to your computer data, network, application, or devices is referred to as a security breach. It means someone who is unauthorized can access your critical data. It happens when a hacker bypasses the security mechanism.

What to Do When You Have a Security Breach

There are many times when an individual or major company faces a security breach. So, the question is, what you have to do when you find out your computer has been compromised. Once your account is breached, you need to take action immediately to save your other accounts. There are certain steps you need to take:

1.     Identify Breach:

This is the first and most important step you have to take. Start by finding out how the breach has occurred, either it is caused by data leakage from your laptop or by an online attack like phishing.

2.     Investigation and Containment:

Once you identify the breach and how this occurs, it’s time to investigate it properly whether it’s an internal or an external breach. This step can help you identify how you can restore your security and what to do with it.

3.     Impact Assessment:

After you are done with the breach assessment, now, you have to determine the extent of the damage it has caused.

4.     Recovery:

It’s finally time to recover your lost data; therefore, you can continue with your business.

5.     Notification and Communication:

Have a solid and efficient communication strategy like templates and prompt press statements. Moreover, also prepare a FAQ site to provide a complete guide to staff with a notification.

6.     Evaluation and Improvement:

Keep track of your security so that nothing like this can happen again. Besides, evaluate your system from time to time.

How to Prevent Security Breaches

Here are certain ways that can help you to prevent security breach:

●      Limit Access to your Valuable Data:

Unlike the old days where everyone can access all data, limit access to your critical data. Only an authorized person can reach your data, thus providing extra security to the data. It is one of the common ways to prevent a data breach.

●      Third-Part Vendors Must Comply:

Each business deals with a wide array of third-party vendors; therefore, it is important to keep track of them. To keep your data secure, limit the type of documents these vendors can view.

●      Conduct Employee Security Awareness Training:

In most cases, security breaches occur due to employees. Therefore, to avoid any unfortunate event from happening, provide security awareness training to your employees.

●      Update your Software Regularly:

Update your software from time to time to ensure its security is updated and no security breaches can occur.



Final Words

Security breaches can be really fatal for your business and disrupt the normal functioning of your business. You need to take proper measures after a security breach occurs, as we have mentioned above.

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